If you follow Emerald on instagram you may have noticed she started a journey with Invisalign through QuickSmiles.

It’s only been about two weeks (one week when these were taken)
and theres already such a huge improvement!




Did you know Emerald is traveling around Europe? Check out this image of her by C.Daniel Photography!



Prior to contortion, Emerald was well known for her modeling!
Visit her sister site by clicking the image below, and read up on her modeling history & view her portfolio.


Jordan Matter

Are you a fan of Jordan Matter? If you don’t know who he is – he photographs dancers doing some pretty weird stuff.
Emerald has had the chance to work with him multiple times, but here is one of the videos of Emerald and Eva Igo in Target doing a challenge! Emerald was the timer, and even had the chance to do a few poses of her own!