Emerald Gordon Wulf is an internationally known contortionist. Emerald started her fame by viral instagram photos & videos, which led to being featured on Little Big Shots Australia, and Little Big Shots Vietnam. Emerald trains with multiple private coaches and circuses in California, USA. Emerald Gordon Wulf has been training for 4 years, and her goal is to work with Cirque du Soleil and show her talent across the map.


Emerald Gordon Wulf is a 12 year old contortionist. Emerald resides in San Diego, California (USA), with her mother & father. Emerald was born on Oct. 4, in San Antonio – Texas.

Emerald currently trains with Sophia Isadora Academy of Circus (As of 2016), and Belle Lignes Contortion (As of 2018). In the past, Emerald was taught by San Diego Circus Center and Le Petit Cirque.

Emerald started herself in gymnastics, where she became aware of her flexibility. From there, she became interested in contortion, found her way to Le Petit Cirque, and is where she is today because of her hard work and dedication.
Emerald has since been featured on Little Big Shots: Australia, and Little Big Shots: Vietnam! She is on the radar of many directors, photographers, and circus lovers alike.

Currently (As of May 2019), Emerald has an Instagram following of

Prior to contortion and joining the circus, Emerald was a successful model (started at age 3). As an infant/toddler, Emerald was in pageants, and was featured on Toddlers and Tiaras way back in 2011! You can view her modeling website, by clicking HERE.

3 Facts about Emerald

  1. Emerald went to an all Spanish school when she lived in Texas.
  2. Emerald had a pet pig named Bacon Bits, but she had to give him away when she moved to California.
  3. One of her pupils is bigger than the other (Can you spot the pupil?)
  4. Emerald has never been to Universal!
  5. Her favorite animal is probably puppies!

This or That?

  • Tea or Coffee? Tea!
  • TV Show or Movie? TV Show!
  • Sneaker or Flipflop? Sneaker!
  • Dogs or Cats? Dogs!
  • Jeans or Leggings? Jeggings! 😉